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Pennsylvania Lawn Care

Welcome to West Chester Lawn Service

Located in the heart of beautiful Chester County, Pennsylvania.

Lawn Services

Our mowing aims to ensure that your lawn looks its very best all year long.This service can be scheduled on a weekly or bi-weekly basis; however we strongly recommend the service be performed on a weekly basis to keep your home looking its best.  Our mowing season is approximately 36 weeks of the year (the middle of March through the end of November). This is subject to weather conditions and may run longer or shorter.

Dependable Scheduling

We listen to the specific needs requested by our clients!  A schedule is established based upon the client’s needs, including mowing frequency and grass height.  You can count on our services to be performed in a timely manner AND the way YOU like it!


Our services are quite affordable!  Efficient management of company overhead is passed on to the client making lawn care services very competitively priced when compared to competitors within the lawn care service industry.

Temporary Service

No need to come home from vacation to an out-of-control lawn!  We will gladly provide temporary lawn cutting that fits your vacation or busy schedule.